Graphic Design and CAD for Car Parts

What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing means making a physical product that is different from the original material with which it is made. The process involves mining, extracting, generating, processing or assembling. One or many of these activities are used to manufacture a product. The end product has a form or composition that makes it useful for one or many applications. The manufacturing process changes the form, shape or nature of the material. Auto parts like universal joints are manufactured using different processes. It starts with the CAD programming.

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Use of CAD in Manufacturing 

Computer Aided Design is a product production software program that helps prepare the numerical data file that helps manufacture that product. The CAD data is used for multiaxis turning, milling, cutting and other machining processes. It eliminates the need to carry out lots of iterations with the physical materials. Most trials and errors involved in the product designing process can be handled better and efficiently with the CAD programming. It helps save lots of costs involved in the designing and manufacturing a product. It ensures accurate measurement of the finished product. Highly perfect parts with precise measurement can be made with the help of CAD programming.

3D Printing

It has been used in the manufacturing industry for several years but it has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years due to availability of cheaper and smaller desktop 3D printers. These printers are still not being used to manufacture the end products sold to the consumers but are effective in prototyping. The 3D printed prototype helps verify the viability of the similar item that will be finally made.

Tools, Equipment and Machinery

Different types of tools, equipment and machinery are needed to manufacture auto parts. The tools are generally used to remove the unwanted parts of a material and give it the desired shape. Equipment is used to shape or refine an item. Machinery is used in the manufacturing sector to speed up the manufacturing processes and to handle certain processes that cannot be done in any other way. Many manufacturing tasks are now handled with automated moving systems and industrial robotic arms.

Other Things Involved in Manufacturing

Manufacturers need trained and experienced professionals to handle different types of tasks during the manufacturing processes. They need a variety of supplies. Different types of raw materials are needed to make products. Chemicals and other items are used to refine, cleanse, change property or give shape to a material. It helps treat a material and make it perfect for use in the required applications. Manufacturers need manufacturing licenses from the government before they can start manufacturing.