The best kept secret in the CAD business !
So powerful you'll wonder why you never heard of it !

4Design is a robust DOS-based CAD product.

Partial Requirements & Limitations
A VESA compliant graphics device is required.
4Design should work well with Windows95 & Windows98.
However, 4Design MAY not work well with Windows NT.
There is no printed documentation.

Y2K Compliance
After limited testing for Y2K problems the unofficial conclusion is
there are probably no Y2K problems in 4Design, since the only functions that consider the date in any way are the Figure entity functions.
It is possible the UPL Date() function may not return the proper value.
However, there is no official statement or warranty being offered with regard to 4Design and Y2K at this time.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the self-extracting Zip file to the directory of your choice.
  2. Execute (Run) the self-extracting Zip file to decompress the contents.
  3. Execute (Run) Setup.EXE.
  4. Follow the installation instructions. WARNING: Do not use long filenames/pathnames (more than 8 character per name) or filenames/pathnames with spaces during the installation process.


Click here to begin downloading 4Design
(everything in one zip file 11.4MB)


If you have trouble downloading the 11MB file above,
you can download the following zip files
which contain the installation in several pieces.
Unzip each piece into the same directory.

You MUST download the Installation base,
including BOTH Part 1 & Part 2,
and either the New Menus, or the Old Menus, or BOTH.
If you do not download both menu sets,
do not try to install the set you did not download.

Installation Base Part 1


Installation Base Part 2


New Menus


Old Menus

1.57MB (pre-ver 6.0 style menus)


Updated on June 22, 1999